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Design Consultancy Services PCA has provided design consultancy services upon the foundation of the firm back in 2009, enriching its profile with providing design consultancy services to various projects with different types and sectors. design Design Consultancy
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Project Management & Supervision Aside from offering progressive architectural and engineering services - from concept design through to detailed design and construction plans, PCA also provides onsite supervision & project management services. manage Project Management
& Supervision
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Fit-Out & Construction PCA has been lately receiving a lot of recognition and gaining rapid popularity in the market coming to professional and high-quality commercial & residential fit-out and construction services. build Fit-Out &
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Prisma Circle Architects – or PCA – is a private company owned by Naif Alrajhi Investment (NRI), a Saudi group investment company that invests in real estate, capital markets, and mergers & acquisitions.

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At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.



We give a great deal to our clients, where their needs always come first. We’re organized around each client’s relationship. Clients needs, expectations and strategy provide the context for every project we carry out together. Regardless of all, wheverever out clients need us, we’re set up to deliver. With a talented team of professionals, we turn their visions and dreams into tangable realities using our innovative create ideas, experiences and leadership.